Saturday, 26 November 2011

MedChem Designer

MedChem Designer™ is a new tool that combines innovative molecule drawing features with a few freefast and accurate ADMET property predictions from our top-ranked ADMET Predicto. Chemists who design new compounds for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial chemical, herbicide, pesticide, and food applications will enjoy the highly intuitive interface with a number of convenience features and capabilities not available in other molecule drawing software.

Draw multiple structures on the canvas, manipulate them using innovative drawing capabilities, then instantly generate predicted values of key ADMET properties: S+logP, S+logD(7.4), TPSA, MWt, HBDH, HBA (N+O as M_NO), Rule of 5, and even PEOE sigma charges - for FREE!.

The ability to handle multiple structures means that a structure found to have a desirable property profile can be kept as a reference, so properties of subsequently drawn structures can quickly and easily be compared with the original.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Google Maps with GPS Tracker

Golenfound's Google Maps with GPS Tracker is a small, free application that uploads your GPS position regularly via GPRS or 3G and then automatically updates your position on a Google Map display. You need a GPS device to use it, but you can download and try the GpsGate simulator software free for 14 days. Once you're familiar with Google Maps with GPS Tracker, you can buy a GPS device that suits your needs and configure the program to accept it.

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Ela-Salaty is a new Arabic program helps you to remember times of prayer. Also helps you to mention of Allah and has many other advantages. The new on this program that it has a modern beautiful interface, Grapping advices and news from Internet by using RSS technology, support skins, downloadable Azan audios, control windows by add system commands before and after Azan. Ela-Salaty is quite different from any program of the same category.

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I-Doser Free

I-Doser is a program designed to give users "binaural beat doses" to "sync their brainwaves." It's a music-only media player that takes only DRG files. We'll let users speculate as to the meaning of DRG. These doses, according to the theory, are to align your mood with the theme of the dose. The two included doses, "Alcohol" and "Content," have a not-so-subtle intended effect

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Quran Auto Reciter

Quran Auto Reciter provides users with a program for listening and reading the Koran. Thanks to a set of simple controls and excellent sound, this program is a great tool for anyone interested in this classic text.

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Free download Auto hide ip + crack (torrent fle)

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

BitDefender 10 free edition

BitDefender Free Edition is your chance to use one of the world's most effective antivirus engines for free!
BitDefender Free Edition uses the same ICSA Labs certified scanning engines found in other BitDefender products, allowing you to enjoy basic virus protection for no cost at all.
BitDefender Free Edition is an on-demand virus scanner, which is best used in a system recovery or forensics role.

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Netscape Browser provides more security options, streamlines more standard browsing tasks and arms internet users with more timesaving solutions to their browsing needs.

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